Psalter manuscript

Psalm 10: Why do You stand afar off, Lord?


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Why do You stand afar off, Lord?
Why do You hide Your face?
The godless persecute the poor
And no one pleads his case.
Let them be caught and tangled in
The schemes which they’ve devised,
Then let them be throughout the world
In all men’s eyes despised.

The fool – he thinks he is so wise –
He never thinks of You;
Bewitched by demons in his eyes,
He misses what You do.
He sneers before his enemies
Believing he’s secure;
“Adversity is far from me;
Sit down and sleep some more!”

Where people work, where people trade,
Within the public sphere,
Behind a pleasant masquerade,
Appearing so sincere;
He marshals guile and subtlety
And mocks the innocent;
Few hearts and minds discern his craft
And how his heart is bent.

Arise O Lord, lift up Your hand,
Observe the grief we bear.
Behold the humble of the land
Beseeching You in prayer:
“Dear Father of the fatherless
Pursue the evil man;
Subdue the wickedness he sows
Till goodness fills our land.”

The Lord is King forevermore,
The nations this will learn.
He hears the longing of the poor;
And stirs their hearts to turn.
Let Christian reconstruction start
And all oppression cease
Till justice reigns throughout the earth
With everlasting peace!

Steve Layfield

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