Psalter manuscript

Psalm 11: I trust in the Lord


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I trust in the Lord; why do you say to me,
“Look out; fear the might of your foes.
Like a swift mountain bird to your nest swiftly flee,
Already they’ve bended their bows!”

Laced with poison their darts follow dead centre aim
Compounding the havoc they wreak;
All you upright in heart take good heed where you stand,
The floor ‘neath your feet may be weak!

From His throne in the heights holy eyes scour the land
Beholding our works and our ways;
Weighing each in His scales He will judge all the earth,
Sparing none the demur of His gaze!

Rebel daughters and sons He will scorch ‘neath the heat,
With brimstone and fire in the air;
While the portion and cup of true God-fearing saints
He’ll fill with the richest of fare.

Steve Layfield

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