Psalter manuscript

Psalm 6: But You, O Lord, how long?


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But You, O Lord, how long
Will sadness be our song?
How long will it be till at last we all see what’s wrong?
Return, O Lord, to me
With mercy full and free
May the light of Your face renew this place again!

Have mercy on me Lord for here I stand –
Your holy indignation drawing near;
Restrain, O Lord, the fury of Your hand,
For death and bitter suffering I fear!

My soul is full of sorrows in the night;
The pillow that I sleep on bears my tears.
My enemies surround me and, with spite,
Provoke my troubled mind with hellish fears!

Depart you workers of iniquity,
For He who answers prayer has heard my call;
Display, O Lord, for every eye to see
The fullness of their anguish as they fall.

Steve Layfield

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