Psalter manuscript

Psalm 7: O Lord, my God, I put my trust in You


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O Lord my God I put my trust in You;
Deliver me from persecution please.
As a lion pounces on its prey,
They contradict the things I say
And tear apart my feeble body piece by piece.

Arise with might in solemn vengeance Lord,
For the godless mind controls the city street.
Measure each man’s heart and mind, O Lord,
By the faultless precepts of Your word;
Make known to all their stubborn folly in defeat.

If in my heart I’ve harboured secretly
Malicious thoughts against my neighbour’s soul,
May I this day be trodden down
By godless villains to the ground,
Then treated meanly with contempt when I’m old.

The peoples of the world look up to You;
For mercy’s sake command Your judgement down.
The Father surely will defend
His loyal children to the end
And sanctify them ‘neath the fury of His frown.

With holy wrath each day our God pursues
His enemies with tightly bended bow;
His sharpened sword held high in hand
Fulfils and executes His plan
And with perfection finds its target with each throw.

The wicked man conceives iniquity;
The pleasure of his sin is all he sees.
He shall, by his own hand alone,
With violence be overthrown
And brought at last, by his own snares, down on his knees.

Steve Layfield

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