Psalter manuscript

Psalm 8: O Lord, throughout the earth I see Your name


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O Lord, throughout the earth I see Your name;
The heavens too Your glory there proclaim.
From the lips of suckling infants You ordain
Great might and strength to silence and restrain
Your enemies!

As I behold the universe above,
The Sun and Moon – vast creatures of Your love,
Do I with all mankind deserve to know
The care that You in condescension show
Each day to me?

Mankind the pinnacle of Your design,
Whose rank beneath the angels you assigned,
Is destined to be crowned with dignity,
To rule in time and through eternity
All You have made!

Every bird and all that swims beneath the sea
You have ordered as Your creatures by decree,
With oxen, beast and cattle in the field
To be in subjugation ‘neath his feet

Steve Layfield

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