Psalter manuscript

Psalm 32: The blessing of forgiveness


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How blessed are they whose lives display
The joy of pardoned sin,
For whom beguiling self-deceit
No longer reigns within;
Who, when the solemn hand of God
Upon them heavy lay,
Confessed their rebel foolishness
And from it turned away.

The righteous humbly call upon
The Lord in earnest prayer
And find His help and strength in place
Of sorrow and despair.
Lord, be to me a hiding place
From those conspiring wrongs,
And let me be surrounded by
Redemption’s happy songs.

“With every stride My eye will guide
Your feet and you will find
My truth controlling more and more
The thoughts within your mind;
Do not be like the blinkered horse
Nor stubborn like a mule,
Nor listen to the foolish boasts
Of every passing fool”.

The wilful blind, each season, find
More sorrow in their way,
While those who gladly serve the Lord
See more and more each day
The loving kindness of their king,
With mercy all around,
And so with gladness are induced
To make a joyful sound!

Steve Layfield

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