Psalter manuscript

Psalm 36: Behold the wicked in their way


Behold the wicked in their way –
No fear before their eyes –
Who scorn and flatter every day
And trade in cruel lies;
They, treasuring each secret sin,
Together are most unwise!

Throughout the watches of the night
He purposes deceit;
Rejecting all that’s good and right
He plans his friend’s defeat.
Iniquity, defiantly,
He vainly hides from the light.

The loving kindness of the Lord
Extends beyond the sky;
His faithful keeping is of old
Like mountain peaks on high.
To this abyss of holiness
All creatures here testify.

Beneath the shadow of Your wings
The children of mankind
You feed and bless as noble kings.
They from Your fountain find
Both life and light for their delight
And treasures rich and refined.

Maintain with steadfastness Your love
To those who know Your name;
Let feet of pride, that stand above above
Your Word, be filled with shame.
Till citizens of every tongue,
Forgiven, arise again.

Steve Layfield

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