Psalter manuscript

Psalm 37: Don’t worry when evil men pursue


Don’t worry when evil men pursue
Profound iniquity,
Like beautiful grass they’re destined to
Wither and fade away.
Just follow the Lord, believing His word,
Determined to do what’s right;
Delight in His way and trust in His Name
And you will be radiant light,
And you will be radiant light.

Consider the foolish things men say
Inspired by vain conceit;
From anger and hatred turn away,
Beware sin’s deep deceit.
Wait patiently for your conquering Lord
To finish what He has planned:
Subduing His foes, bequeathing to saints
Their earthly inheritance,
Their earthly inheritance.

The wicked pursue God’s holy ones
With gnashing of their teeth;
But judgment will swiftly come to those
Who practise unbelief.
Foreseeing their fall, God chuckles at all
Who trouble the innocent;
Their arrows and spears will soon disappear
Frustrating their dark intent,
Frustrating their dark intent.

The steps of an upright man are known
And ordered by the Lord;
He, stumbling, shall never be cast down,
For by God’s hand He’s held.
The future will see his posterity
With honour and mercy crowned;
Forever he’ll feast, with blessing and peace,
Where wickedness won’t be found,
Where wickedness won’t be found.

Steve Layfield

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