Psalter manuscript

Psalm 38: As You chasten me


As You chasten me restrain the fierceness of Your frown;
Lord Your arrows wound me deeply, pressing on me down.
Stood before Your holy anger nothing good I find
Dwells within this carnal body nor my rebel mind.

Like a heavy burden, my iniquities subdue
All that in my heart resembles God’s own image true;
Greatly troubled I, lamenting foolishness and pride,
Know I’ll never moral failure from my Maker hide.

Is there no illumination for these sin-stained eyes?
Lord, consider my condition; hear my woeful cries.
Friends and loved ones stand aloof indifferent to my need;
Deaf am I to all they’re saying, holding firm my creed.

Many seek my life’s destruction, laying snares for me;
Everything they set before me speaks deceptively.
God, in whom I hope, will hear the cry of this my voice;
Let them not prevail against me, let them not rejoice.

Daily, being frail and fickle, I am prone to fall;
Tear my soul away from sin Lord, hasten to my call.
Innocent am I of hiding from You any sin;
Fully I disclose to You this war beneath my skin.

By a growing multitude I’m hated wrongfully;
O my God do not forsake me, save and rescue me!
They’ve become my adversaries, darkness is their light;
So, Lord, help me in their presence to defend what’s right.

Steve Layfield

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