Psalter manuscript

Psalm 40: When deep in miry clay


When deep in miry clay I cried to God on high
Who heard my voice and set my feet on ground secure and dry;
Establishing my course, He gave me songs of praise,
That all the world might learn to fear and glory in His ways.

The handiwork of God is altogether good,
Such wonders I’d recount to you in detail if I could.
How happy is that man who on the Lord relies,
Who shuns profane and idle talk, disdaining hollow lies.

Upon the sacred page the saving work of Christ,
Foreshadowed by the temple priest and daily sacrifice,
Compels us to proclaim to every tribe and tongue
The blessings of redemptive grace in Jesus – God’s own Son.

Your tender mercies, Lord, do not withhold from me,
May lovingkindness and Your truth be mine eternally;
For evil I behold triumphant all around
While here beneath an ocean of iniquity I drown.

Make haste to help me Lord, come magnify Your name;
Confound and bring to nothing those who wallow in their shame.
Let all who trust in You, upon their knees each day,
Find joy in Your deliverance and help without delay.

Steve Layfield

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