Psalter manuscript

Psalm 45: What I write, I will recite in song


What I write, I will recite in song
For my friends about the King.
They esteem with me this noble theme
Handed down for saints to sing.
Fairer than the handsome sons of men,
Grace upon Your words is poured;
Blessed You are, within the heights of heaven,
By the Father evermore.

Mighty Lord, advancing, gird Your sword
On Your thigh with majesty.
As You bless with gospel righteousness,
Beautify humility.
Your right hand shall teach by awesome deeds;
Sharpened arrow heads are bound
Deep within the heart of all Your foes
Who beneath Your feet are found.

Evermore Your sceptre is secure
As You reign with righteousness.
God, who is Your Father and Your God,
Will with joyful oil You bless.
Scented garments, perfumes, treasures rare
Will at last delight Your soul,
While the daughters of the nation’s kings
Serve and bless You robed in gold.

Heed and hear, O daughter; turn your ear
And forget your father’s house.
Make the King desire and sing your praise;
Sanctify your every choice.
Soon the land of Tyre will seek your face;
Gifts and favour they shall bring.
So the noblest and the richest saints
Shall with treasures serve the King.

Look, behold in garments made with gold,
Glorious princess radiant bride;
Virgin friends who daily her attend
Follow close behind with pride.
From the palace of the Saviour King
They the earth will populate;
So at last the nations of the world
Jesus Christ shall celebrate!

Steve Layfield

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