Psalter manuscript

Psalm 48: Crowned with omnipotence


Crowned with omnipotence, our God Jehovah,
King of Jerusalem, is worthy of praise;
City most beautiful, chief in elevation,
Joy from your stronghold resounds through the earth.

God in her palaces made a safe-haven,
Princes from commonwealths confronted Him there;
Filled with astonishment they retreated quickly,
Troubled with anguish like girl in travail.

Great is Your citadel in our affections,
Kindness and faithfulness shine forth from your courts;
Seafaring warriors tremble in your presence,
Goodness and mercy adorn all your halls.

Songs from the sanctuary signal rejoicing,
Let every citizen of Judah be glad;
None in this universe shall withstand His judgement,
Tell all your children that this is their God!

Saints cosmopolitan drawn into Zion,
Struck by magnificence of rampart and wall,
Shall humbly fortify each new generation,
Boldly affirming Christ’s reign over all!

Steve Layfield

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