Psalter manuscript

Psalm 52: O mighty man unclench your hand


O mighty man unclench your hand
And ponder what you do,
The evil schemes that you have planned,
The pleasures you pursue;
The goodness of the Lord prevails
And shall eternally,
But you are bent on wickedness
And talk deceitfully;
You stalk beneath the lowest light
And speak the foulest lies,
The holy ways of righteousness
You utterly despise!

Like fiery brand quenched ‘neath the sand
The Lord will take your life;
Uprooting you right where you stand –
Beware his pruning knife!
Your dwelling place will be no more
With peace upon the land,
Your feet will be ensnared within
The fury of His hand;
While saints of Christ His wrath will see
In solemn judgement fall
On those who close their ears to every
Whisper of His call!

Beware the multitudes of earth
Who trust in what they see,
For idols in your mind spring forth
From sinful vanity;
But rather like a sapling be
Sustained by God above,
With roots and branches sanctified
In holiness and love,
Anticipate, while waiting for
The Kingdom of the Son,
Whose name the world will celebrate
For all that He has done.  Amen!

Steve Layfield

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