Psalter manuscript

Psalm 60: O Father, we are defeated


O Father, we are defeated,
Your hand has cast us down;
The earth You made is trembling,
Disquieted by Your frown.
Your people, bruised and shaken,
Beneath confusion drown.

A banner to us You’ve given
That all who fear Your Name
From every tribe and nation
Might proudly Your love proclaim:
‘Behold this world’s redemption –
Humanity reclaimed!’

The kingdoms He once divided
Must to the Lord be won:
Ephraim, Manasseh, Edom –
For certain will all succumb.
His helmet and lawgiver
To Zion will surely come.

Who’ll capture for us the city,
Who’ll rescue Edom too?
Our God who us abandoned
And from us His hand withdrew!
The help of man is futile,
But Christ will lead us through.

Steve Layfield

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