Psalter manuscript

Psalm 61: My heart’s dismayed


My heart’s dismayed when I survey the emptiness of man’s conceit,
Who stumbles in the darkness and the madness of self-deceit;
O God, attend my calling, consider this my cry,
And lead me to the Rock higher than I!

The enemy is subtle, many troubles every day my life surround,
But in His holy presence a defence and refuge I have found;
Secure within His shelter, my soul triumphant sings,
At peace beneath the shadow of His wings!

Before the throne of heaven I have spoken and pledged this vow:
To honour God in all things, great and small, if He would show me how;
His kingdom is before me, my heritage I’ll claim,
With all the saints who fear His holy name!

My life He holds securely, He shall surely evermore me keep;
Great mercy He’s prepared, in truth I’m cared for while I sleep.
Extolling Him forever with psalms of joyful praise,
With ev’ry breath I’ll glory in His ways!

Steve Layfield

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