Psalter manuscript

Psalm 62: Silently my soul is waiting


Silently my soul is waiting
Looking only to the Lord;
He, my rock and my salvation,
Will not let my feet be moved.
How long must I be confronted
With the evil schemes of men?
Cause them all to be defeated,
Like a routed army, slain!

From the height of their position
They conspire to cast me down;
Outwardly they feign contrition,
Inwardly they scowl and frown.
Silently for God I’m waiting,
Trusting only in His word;
My Defense and my Salvation
Holds me so I can’t be moved!

Let Him be your strength and refuge;
Trust Him all times, everywhere.
Men of high degree are phoney;
Those of low degree are air.
Be not drawn into oppression
Though both wealth and fame increase,
They will never wrest God’s power
Nor supply your soul with peace!

More than once the Lord has spoken
Twice before my ears have heard:
‘Earthly princes shall be broken
By the power of the Lord.’
Steadfast love and consolation
He will render to all men,
When at last He comes in judgement
Making all things new again!

Steve Layfield

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