Psalter manuscript

Psalm 63: O God, You are my God


O God, You are my God,
Early will I seek for You;
Both my body and soul
With unquenched thirst cry out to You,
But barren is this land;
Its watercourses dry,
So I have sought for You
Within the sanctuary.

I see glory and power
So I offer praise to You;
More than riches or life,
Your loving kindness I pursue.
With both hands lifted high
I bless Your holy Name;
With soul deep satisfied,
Your wisdom I proclaim.

Resting, throughout the night,
I recall Your grace to me;
I seek daily Your light
And shall throughout eternity.
Beneath Your wings I’ll stay
And follow close behind;
Believing all You say
Will mend my muddled mind.

Those pursuing my life
Shall beneath the earth be cast;
Tempest, trouble and strife
Awaits them as an icy blast.
But all who love Your ways
And make Christ their delight,
Will glory in His praise,
Discerning what is right.

Steve Layfield

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