Psalter manuscript

Psalm 66: Joyfully shout to the Lord, all you nations


Joyfully shout to the Lord, all you nations,
Glory and honour belong to His name;
Great are His works and majestic His power,
Let every tribe and tongue in concert proclaim.

Soon all the proud will be humbled before Him,
Then all the earth will in unity sing,
‘Come, see the works of His hands in redemption
Done for the blessing of the children of men’.

Turning the sea into waterless pathways,
Led He the children of Israel through;
Likewise the nations are, ruled by His power,
Bound every detail of His purpose to do.

Lift up your voice, O you covenant people,
Under the heat of affliction today;
Who goes before you through fire and through water,
Keeping your soul and watching over your way?

Covenant vows which my mouth pledged and promised
I will maintain and sincerely perform;
Saviour and Christ, paschal Lamb, my oblation,
Help me fulfill each solemn word I have sworn.

Saints of the Lord testify of His blessing;
Brothers and sisters who follow Him find
He will attend to the voice of their praying
As they resist the tempter’s voice in their mind.

I will extol Him with all of my being,
For He has shown love and mercy to me;
Heeding the words of my soul’s dedication,
He summons angels’ wings to watch over me.

Steve Layfield

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