Psalter manuscript

Psalm 68: Let God Arise


Let God arise,
Let His enemies be scattered;
Let all those who despise
His ways, before Him, flee away.
As wax before great heat,
Melt them Lord in their retreat;
Make the wicked groan before Your throne
Like smoke dust blown away.

Christian rejoice,
Stand before your God with gladness;
Make a joyful noise,
Lift your heart and soul in praise.
Let’s sing to Him whose Name
Issues thunder clouds and rain,
Setting all the clouds of heaven’s skies
Majestically ablaze.

A father to the fatherless, defender of poor widows,
Is God in holy habitation, just beyond earth’s shadows.
He sets secure, in families, the lost, forlorn and lonely;
While those fast bound in chains of sin He leads to liberty.

O God, when You
Went before Your ancient people,
As they journeyed through
Desert paths the earth did shake;
The heavens, on the plain,
Showered bucket-loads of rain
And mountains, as Your footsteps passed,
Began to seize and quake.

God gave the word –
Great the number who proclaimed it;
Kings and armies heard;
Filled with fear, they fled away.
So she who stayed at home
Took and made the spoil her own,
Lying down among the sheepfolds, gold
And silver on display.

The Bashan peaks
Look to Christ across the mountains.
As Messiah speaks
Fume and envy each explode;
As mighty chariot-steeds,
Charging nobly in stampede,
The Lord will make their wilderness
A place for His abode.

Captivity was captive led when He on high ascended;
From rebel thieves He now receives rich treasures rare and splendid.
Blessed be the Lord who greatly loads us all with blessings daily;
God is the God of our salvation – Christ, the Lord almighty!

But He will strike
On the head those who oppose Him;
All who now dislike
His dominion He’ll confound!
From deep within the sea
They’ll return to bend the knee;
Then God, beneath His foot, shall crush
Their life blood on the ground.

They all have seen
Your procession to the temple;
Great the victory train
That came into the sanctuary.
Musicians followed on
Led by choristers in song,
Blessing God before the princes of
A mighty company.

The Lord, our strength and power commands, to furnish His dominion;
Great kings shall to Jerusalem bring gifts of golden bullion,
While beasts of reeds and herds of bulls He’ll scatter ‘neath His censure,
Till all mankind, with hearts refined, He’ll rule from shore to shore.

Sing, Christians, sing!
Sing, all realms, to God with gladness,
For on high, your King,
Rides majestic on the clouds.
His voice we celebrate,
When to others we relate,
The awesome might and strength of Christ
Our King, the Lord of Lords!

Steve Layfield

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