Psalter manuscript

Psalm 69: Rescue me, O Lord


Rescue me, O Lord,
Evermore me keep;
Hold my hand and lift my feet
Up from this miry deep.
Eagerly I wait,
Hearken to my cry;
Both my eyes are filled with tears,
My mouth and tongue are dry.

See how I am hated without cause,
Hear their charge of hostile attitude;
Those who’d overthrow my life and what I’ve come to know
Are a strong and mighty multitude!

All my foolishness
By my God is known;
All my errors and my sins
Lie bare before His throne.
Let not what I’ve done
Be a source of shame,
Nor a cause of sorrow to
True saints who love Your Name.

Since You set my heart aflame with zeal,
I am to my brothers now become
Worthy of the worst insulting curses that men hurl upon
Unwelcome guests and foreign citizens!

As for me, O Lord,
Hear this prayer I plead;
Rescue and deliver me
In this my hour of need.
Let Your truth and love
Come to me with grace;
From Your servant’s troubled soul
Do not conceal Your face.

Many twist and scandalise my words,
Heavy is my heart beneath their scorn;
Ridicule and shame and every kind of evil name,
With none to stand beside me, I have borne!

Let them be ensnared,
Darken too their eyes;
Fill their hearts and boots with fear,
Then let them be despised.
Blot them from the book
Of Your gospel sons;
Let them have no share at all
When Jesus’ kingdom comes.

Let the humble of the world be glad,
Lift the poor and sorrowful on high;
Sanctify and set all captive saints at liberty –
Come, save the world, come Jesus magnify.

So let every creature that has breath
Enter Zion’s holy mount with praise;
There as faithful servants with their children may they sing
And glorify their King for endless days!

Steve Layfield

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