Psalter manuscript

Psalm 73: The God of Jacob blesses


The God of Jacob blesses
The pure in heart for sure.
Yet strangely I was jealous
When looking round I saw
The godless full-contented
With treasures at their side;
Their idle talk and wayward walk
Betrayed both peace and pride.

In life their strength is certain
In death they are at ease,
They rarely suffer troubles
Of hardship or disease;
Through violence and oppression
They shelter from all blame,
Wherefore my woes make me suppose
I’ve cleansed my heart in vain.

Each morning I’ve been seeking
To sanctify my ways;
The passions I’ve been fighting
Have plagued me all my days.
Sometimes my mind has ventured
To murmur or complain
To God above who, in His love,
Has touched me with such pain.

Then in the sanctuary
The Lord, my faithful Friend,
Revealed, in solemn vision,
The spectre of their end.
How swift their desolation
Beneath His angry frown;
They shall in time be undermined
And utterly cast down!

No longer do I, weeping
In ignorance, bemoan
The plight of rebel creatures,
Nor fear that I’m alone;
The Lord is here beside me,
Performing what He’s planned,
My destiny will surely be
Secure within His hand.

Were I forever seeking
A friend among mankind
A faithful, true companion
I doubt I’d ever find;
Who is there in the heavens
So loving and so dear?
God is my strength and confidence,
Him only shall I fear!

Steve Layfield

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