Psalter manuscript

Psalm 74: O God for mercy’s sake arise


O God for mercy’s sake arise
Come plead the noble cause of Christ,
Regard the bitter words of tyranny
And cruel scorn they speak;
For saints beguiled by hellish lies
Remove the blindness of their eyes,
Then vindicate in all the earth
The ones whose lives and daily talk are truly meek.

Shall we forever be consumed
Beneath the anger of Your gaze?
Have You forgotten how You spoke
To patriarchs in ancient days?
Your own inheritance, behold lies desolate –
Cast down by enemies.

Your dwelling places are defiled
Polluted with their cruel breath,
They lurk within Your sanctuaries
With brutal instruments of death;
At every turn we are pursued with violence,
And hounded on the earth.

Why should our enemy blaspheme?
Why is Your hand O Lord withdrawn?
Lay bare the power of Your arm
By which Leviathan was torn;
Arise with holy strength and save the innocent,
Come still the raging storm.

Do not the borders of the earth
Belong alone to God on high?
Are not the darkness and the light
Controlled by Him who made the sky?
Recall, O Lord, Your words of solemn covenant,
Come save and sanctify!

Steve Layfield

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