Psalter manuscript

Psalm 76: In the holy hill of Zion


In the holy hill of Zion God is known;
There the sword and shield of battle He destroyed.
More invincible than mountains of renown
Are the troops of His right hand He there deployed.

All resistance to His sovereign reign and rule
He has overthrown and cast into a heap;
Man in wisdom manifestly is a fool,
Both his chariot and horse lay sound asleep.

God alone is to be feared. What man may stand
In the presence of His might when He is stirred?
May His judgments prompt concern in every land
So that all, with trembling hearts, might heed His word.

Angry men cannot frustrate His providence;
Every prince in every kingdom He’ll subdue.
The futility of rebel man’s defense
Stirs the wise to honour Christ in all they do.

Steve Layfield

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