Psalter manuscript

Psalm 77: I cried to God sincerely


I cried to God sincerely
When fear confronted me;
Both hands in prayer were pleading
And wrestling ceaselessly.
Refusing every comfort,
My soul to God complained:
‘Behold, my troubled spirit –
Cast down and overwhelmed’.

My eyelids are held open,
For fear I cannot speak.
I long for pleasant past times
When songs prolonged my sleep.
In solemn meditation,
I prayerfully implored,
‘Will favour, love and mercy
Be seen again, O Lord?’

Though I am filled with anguish,
I will remember yet
Sweet tokens of redemption,
In scenes none could forget.
God’s faithful remnant pilgrims
Will never be alone;
The God of mighty wonders
Will lead them safely home.

The waters, wide and flowing,
Dispersed at His command,
While peals of holy thunder
Betrayed an unseen hand.
The earth, beneath great trembling,
Bore footsteps through the sea,
Drawing the flocks of Jacob
To land and liberty!

Steve Layfield

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