Psalter manuscript

Psalm 78: Listen to My law, My people


Listen to My Law
My people, open wide your door
And let the words that I have spoken
(Which you’ve often heard before)
Be neither like an idle dream,
But rather treasured and esteemed,
In future generations
Of your children evermore.

Awake, O Lord, gird Your shield and Your sword;
Overtake Your enemies, come magnify Your word.
Build up with strength Zion’s mountain again;
Establish Your dominion, mighty Saviour and Lord!

Strength and majesty
Our fathers witnessed, suddenly,
As every trace of Pharaoh’s armies
Perished underneath the sea.
When later manna on them rained
They tested God and then complained,
Disdaining His salvation
And His generosity.

Humbly we recall
Those stubborn pilgrims – how they stalled
Within the wilderness of Sinai
When to Canaan they were called.
May we be better than Ephraim
Who, when the heat of battle came,
Retreated to the desert,
Prompting fire on high to fall.

We must too repent,
If God is ever to relent
From turning over this our nation
To the wrath He’ll surely vent;
If we continue to ignore
The solemn standard of His Law,
He’ll send to us in judgement
Promised plagues of providence!

Humbled since we are
Let’s say in this our darkest hour,
“O Lord renew Your purchased people
Like a freshly watered flower;
Raise up brave leaders who’ll declare
Your word of truth so we’ll repair
The ruins of all culture
In Your Holy Spirit’s power.”

Steve Layfield

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