Psalter manuscript

Psalm 79: O God, the nations have come


This text will be replaced

O God, the nations have come into Your inheritance;
Your temple courts have become filled with filth and fraudulence.
The city walls lie crumbled, Your faithful servants humbled –
Their blood drained and poured out on the ground!

Our friends and neighbours disdain our confidence in You;
They boldly think and proclaim spite for the things You do.
How long must we suffer?  Will Your anger burn forever?
Send Your indignation down!

O Lord, deliver us please from cunning enemies;
We are down, down on our knees, for our iniquities.
O God, our salvation, why should all the nations
Say, “Where, where is their God right now?”

The groans and cries of Your saints rise up before Your throne;
Hear bitter prisoners’ complaints, facing terrors all alone.
Save now, Your own people; make us once more hopeful,
So shall we ever thankful be!

Steve Layfield

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