Psalter manuscript

Psalm 80: Give ear noble Shepherd


Give ear noble Shepherd of Israel’s children,
Illumine the earth by the flame of Your throne;
Arouse holy strength so the flocks I hear bleating
Are led by Your light on their pilgrimage home.
How long must these covenant prayers for our nation
Be greeted with judgement and anger on high?
O let not the tears of our eyes be our portion;
Send peace to your saints, midst the grief of their cry.

From Egypt You rescued this vine from oppression
Displacing the heathen who dwelt in the land;
Providing the growth of its roots and its branches,
You cared for its leaves every day with Your hand.
How mighty her cedars, on hills once forgotten,
With rivulet boughs flowing down to the sea;
Behold that same vine now despised and forsaken –
A fruitless, corrupt and undignified tree.

Repair and restore us, O God, we beseech You,
Attend to our vine for the sake of Your crown;
This derelict tree, which You watered and planted,
Stands broken and charred with its branches cast down.
Rebuke by the word of the crown Prince of heaven
All counterfeit shepherds who practice deceit;
Remove from our hearts all their counterfeit leaven
And lift up Your face, till in Christ we’re complete.

Steve Layfield

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