Psalter manuscript

Psalm 82: Within the congregation of His mighty saints


Within the congregation of His mighty saints
The Judge of every idol stands
While lifeless deities of heathen nations faint
For He their influence transcends.

All wicked counsellors shall soon be overthrown
When Christ arises to defend
The needy and the fatherless, who’ve never known
The face of justice or a friend.

Behold the earth is quaking underneath the strain
Of godless fools who nothing know;
Who walk about this world with folly in their brains
Not comprehending where they go.

The sons of men are clothed with grace and dignity
As offspring of the Lord Most High,
Yet for the sake of evil and iniquity
The greatest of them all will die!

Arise, O Lord, and let the judgment of Your world
Be hurried on in this our day;
Let every rebel tribe beneath the sun be healed
And learn to follow in Your way!

Steve Layfield

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