Psalter manuscript

Psalm 84: How delightful is Your dwelling


How delightful is Your dwelling
Gracious Lord of hosts;
See my fainting and my longing
For Your temple courts;
Both my heart and flesh are weeping,
Seeking for the living God!

In its walls there is a sparrow
Seeking out a home,
Deep within a shady hollow
Where she lays her young,
Right beside a nesting swallow
Calling out in joyful song.

Blessed are all who make their dwelling
Firm before the King;
They will find in all their toiling
Cause to shout and sing
With the glad heart of a pilgrim,
Spreading joy like dessert springs.

God of Jacob from Your heaven
Hear our humble prayer,
Let Your servants each to Zion
Faithfully draw near;
As their shield and strong defender,
Render peace in place of fear.

Better than a thousand seasons
Scheming wickedness
Is a day within the presence
Of Your righteousness,
Seeing Christ’s resplendent glory,
In the story of the cross!

Steve Layfield

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