Psalter manuscript

Psalm 86: Bow down Your ear, O Lord


Bow down Your ear, O Lord,
Attend to this my cry,
Your mercy is my soul’s relief
When sorrowful I sigh;
My refuge is the mighty hand
Of Him who reigns on high.

Rejoice your servant’s soul,
Great God of all the meek,
All other gods are empty dreams
Which neither think nor speak;
Your loving kindness is my trust
‘Tis You alone I seek.

The nations of the world,
Before the setting sun,
According to Your own decree,
Will to mount Zion come;
To celebrate Your wondrous deeds
And glorify the Son.

Teach me, O Lord, Your way
And keep me set apart,
With all the power of Your name
Unite this faithless heart;
Make scripture truth exclusively
Its compass, guide and chart.

Behold the rebel proud,
They prey upon my life;
And set not Christ before their eyes,
But revel in their strife;
O Bridegroom, full of love and peace,
Come sanctify Your wife.

Surround me with Your strength
Let mercy too be mine,
Let all who hate the godly see
Your light around them shine;
And if Your love extends to me
Reveal to me a sign!

Steve Layfield

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