Psalter manuscript

Psalm 92: It is good


It is good, it is good
To give thanks to the Lord for He is good;
We all should, we all should
Praise the name of the Lord for He is good.
As the sun begins to rise
And the birds awake to sing,
We should lift to Him our eyes
And let the symphony begin.

He will keep, He will keep
In His loving kindness, as we sleep,
We His sheep, we His sheep
In the still of the night when we’re asleep;
So with harp and lute and horn,
As a family gathered round,
Let us tune our hearts at dawn
And make a soul-refreshing sound.

We all know, we all know
What the fool in his heart will never know;
Let us show, let us show
To the world looking on that fool is slow!
Who in wickedness and pride,
As God’s stubborn enemy,
Shall be scattered far and wide
For sanctioning iniquity.

Evermore, evermore
God is Lord of all the earth for evermore;
We are sure, we are sure
He will reign in the earth for evermore.
As sweet watercourses flow,
Through the branches from the root,
Holy influence shall grow
Till everywhere is ripened fruit.

He is Lord, He is Lord
Let us trust in the promise of His word;
Let the world, with one accord,
Testify that He is good and He is Lord!

Steve Layfield

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