Psalter manuscript

Psalm 93: Jesus is reigning on high


Jesus is reigning on high
Awesome His holy abode;
Great strength is His garment,
The world His domain –
Which cannot be easily moved.

Sure is the kingdom and throne –
Christ’s by the Father’s own choice;
Though floods of great waters
Have lifted their cry,
He calmly disdains all their noise.

Vile and tempestuous waves,
Stirring upon troubled seas,
Bow down to His power
And yield to His word;
Constrained by His ancient decrees.

All that the Lord has foretold
Shall in its season take place;
The church He is building
In beauty shall stand
Secure evermore in His grace.

Steve Layfield


Here is a miniature perspective on the whole panoply of human history. Here is a singularly efficient portrait of God. Here is a window into the human condition and the foolishness represented by its rebellion against God its Creator.
How often we witness some distortion of the true character of God. How often someone speaks to us, allegedly a fellow saint, who alludes to the events of human history in terms that betray its Author as some ‘out-of-control’ observer mustering the wisdom to REACT to the sudden turn of events taking place! The implication is loud and clear: God hadn’t seen that coming!
What pathetic and perverse imaginations we possess! How blasphemous and ignoble we are. Here’s the thing: God is omnipotent, omniscient and totally sovereign. Nothing happens by chance. All that happens was first dreamt of and subsequently decreed in eternity. Every detail of human history, the rise and fall of kings and nations, the ruination of Rome, the rise of Mohammed, the Fall of Babylon, etc, etc, – each are moments in time by which we are to discern the wisdom and power of God. His reign and rule in this world is comprehensive and wholly unchallenged. Is this your notion of God?

I recall seeing this wonderful plaque on the long wooden pier in the heart of a turbulent sea at Whitby (North Yorkshire) around 30 years ago!


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