Psalter manuscript

Psalm 94: O Sovereign Son


O Sovereign Son, to You belongs
The pledge of judgement on the proud,
Rise up and shine through all the earth.
How long will wickedness prevail
And evil triumph freely?

The wayward proud, with scoffing loud,
Afflict Your own inheritance,
Supposing that You do not see
Poor widows, hungry fatherless
And strangers in discomfort.

Our godless schools breed rebel fools
Who daily learn to turn away
From Him who fashioned ears and eyes;
He whom the nations shall chastise
Will show their thoughts are futile.

Blessed are the humble who embrace
The gracious precepts of Your Law;
Adversity they shall not know.
But tranquil seasons filled with joy,
Awaiting God in judgement.

Who will arise and with the wise
Stand up against iniquity?
Unless the Lord had been my help
My soul would have been overwhelmed,
And paralysed in silence.

The mercy of the Lord maintains
My life through cares of every kind,
His word my hungry soul sustains;
He shall be daily my defense,
Promoting truth and justice.

Steve Layfield

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