Psalter manuscript

Psalm 96: Sing to the Lord a brand new song


Sing to the Lord a brand new song,
Proclaim His name, extol its worth;
Declare His wisdom as you ought,
Tell of the wonders He has wrought
In all the earth.

The Lord alone is to be praised,
For gods of every other land
Are lifeless idols of the mind
Which men have crafted and defined
With their own hands.

Honour and majesty belong
To Christ the Maker of all things,
So let the peoples of the world
With trembling say that He is Lord
And King of kings.

Let every nation humbly learn
The application of His Law;
It, like the earth, cannot be moved,
Its every sanction Christ approved
Forever more.

Behold the fullness of the world,
The forest trees, the sky and sea,
Will soon rejoice for God the Son
Shall to the earth in judgement come
And victory!

Steve Layfield

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