Psalter manuscript

Psalm 97: Let distant shores of earth rejoice


Let distant shores of earth rejoice, for Jesus reigns on high.
In every tongue let songs arise,
For veiled behind the darkest skies
The fiery throne of justice lies,
Which no man may defy.

A fire before God’s throne ascends consuming all His foes;
Great mountains stir before His might
While, like a candle in the night,
The sunbeams of His searing light
Our sinful ways expose.

Let all the nations bear disgrace which empty idols serve;
Let peoples of each tribe and race
Turn swiftly to the God of grace
Then Jesus Christ, His Son, embrace
And His commands observe.

Let Zion publish His decrees and make a joyful noise.
While seeking Him upon their knees,
Concerned that Christ alone be pleased,
Let them who hate all evil deeds,
With grateful hearts rejoice.

Steve Layfield

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