Psalter manuscript

Psalm 102: Hear, O Lord, my cry


Hear, O Lord, my cry
Do not hide Your face
Hasten to me from on high
Great God of truth and grace.
Stricken is my heart,
Scorched before fierce heat,
Pressing through the darkest part,
My soul confronts defeat.

Friends and fellow travellers I’ve known,
Slander and accuse me every day,
All alone I languish here beneath God’s holy frown,
Lifted up then cruelly turned away.

God alone endures
Evermore the same,
Tribes and tongues from shore to shore
Shall praise His holy name.
Kings of every land
Shall to Zion come,
There before the Lord they’ll stand
Long pilgrim journeys done!

Surely Zion’s Saviour will arise,
Penitential prayers will then be heard;
There at last within the lofty chambers of the skies
Every eye will see the risen Lord!

Clans in future years,
Our posterity,
Shall give thanks with songs of praise
In joyful liberty;
From His throne on high
God in mercy saw
Wretched pris’ners bound to die
Condemned by sacred Law

Therefore, as a man, the Lord became
Full of zeal and flint-like in His face
Gladly bearing in His flesh the guiltiness and shame
(Of) His elect of all the human race.

Shortened are my days,
Feeble is my hold,
Showing symptoms of decay
Like earth I’m growing old;
Surely by and by
Natures will be changed,
In the twinkling of an eye
All shall be re-arranged!

Soon this fallen world will surely be
Perfectly in space and time restored;
Fully sanctified in love and from the curse set free
By the First and Last, our timeless Lord!

Steve Layfield

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