Psalter manuscript

Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O my soul


Bless the Lord, O my soul, let all within me
Bless and magnify His high and holy name;
Bless the Lord and mark His very many blessings
Who heals all your diseases and removes your guilt and shame;
Who redeems you from the darkness of the shadows,
Pouring out His love and mercy full and free,
So your cup is overflowing with His goodness
And your way is like the eagle’s soaring high above the trees.

Bless the Lord you his servants who obey all His instruction;
Bless the Lord you his ministers who heed His every word.
Bless the Lord each work of grace beneath His glorious dominion;
Let your heart and tongue together praise the Lord!

Did the Lord inflict injustice and oppression
When His righteous Law to Moses He made known?
Were His words and works with Jacob’s many children
Marked by gracious love and mercy or a harsh, forbidding tone?
Slow to anger, He is merciful and gentle,
Never dealing with us as our sins deserve;
Further than the east is from the west, His yearning
Is to separate them from us, His own remnant, to preserve.

As a father shows compassion to His children
So the Lord is kind to all who humbly fear,
For He knows our feeble frame and constitution
And sees when great temptation draws so very, very near;
Though our lives are like the flowers in the meadow,
Here today, then slowly withered by the wind,
Yet His throne remains established in the heavens
Blessing all with covenanted love who turn away from sin!

Steve Layfield

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