Psalter manuscript

Psalm 104: O bless the Lord


O bless the Lord; how manifold
His mighty works and wisdom,
The mysteries of sky and sea
No mind on earth can fathom;
In light and majesty most bright
He laid the world’s foundation,
Appointing sun and moon and stars
Their season and rotation.

His chamber beams He lays within the waters
And walks upon the wings of hurricanes;
The clouds His mighty chariots are,
His messengers are flames of fire
That burn with sanctified desire
To magnify His Name.

The vapours rising high above the mountains
Return to ocean depths at His decree,
So valley springs and rivers yield
Refreshing drink to thirsty fields
Where safely flocks of birds concealed
Build homes beneath the trees.

The nourishment of food we all rely on
Depends upon God’s favour every day;
The earth is richly satisfied
With fruit the harvest trees provide
For us who have His love despised
In very many ways.

Beneath the sea innumerable creatures
Exhibit features crying out ‘design’;
Upon its waves ships sail away
From mighty whales that love to play
Among its breakers every day
At their appointed time

All living souls in every habitation
Depend upon the Lord to meet their need;
Their fleeting breath He takes away
Before to powder they decay
So while I live I’ll sing and say
God is my Friend indeed!

The Spirit of the Lord is recreating,
From elements corrupted by the Fall,
A world in which the humble poor
Will live in glory evermore,
Where wickedness will be no more
And God is all in all!

Steve Layfield

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