Psalter manuscript

Psalm 111: With all my heart


With all my heart and all my mind
I will magnify the Lord,
Fully set apart I will not be blind
To the things His hands have wrought.
To all eyes reformed and sanctified
Mighty wonders He displays;
Humble creatures learn to abandon pride
When they glory in His ways.

Those who fear His Name never want for food
As they daily seek His face,
They shall be sustained in their love of truth
As custodians of His grace;
Being mindful of His covenant
And the power of His hand
They, as saints of His inheritance,
Will redeem all life and lands.

Love and righteousness are the signature
Of His life-enriching Law;
In its truthfulness it is most secure
And forever shall endure.
Soon the chosen few led by His hand
Will behold His Jubilee;
Free at last to do what the Lamb commands
Full redemption they will see!

Steve Layfield

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