Psalter manuscript

Psalm 116: I love the Lord


I love the Lord, for He has heard
The supplications of my voice;
Because His ear is turned to me,
Both now and through eternity,
I’ll call to Him, sing and rejoice!

When pains of death surrounded me
And trouble cast me to the ground
I humbly sought His face in prayer
And set before Him all my care
And for my soul true friendship found!

My gracious Lord is merciful;
True penitents He sanctifies.
When death consumed me like the sea,
While sinking down, He lifted me
Then gently dried my tear-filled eyes.

So now I’ll walk before the Lord
Proclaiming in the city street,
The riches of His benefits –
With grace and truth upon my lips,
So blessing everyone I meet!

The death of those who godly live
Is precious in God’s holy eye;
Such consecrated servant-sons
Will vow in you, Jerusalem,
His name to praise and magnify!

Steve Layfield

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