Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – QOPH: With all that is within me


With all that is within me
I turn to You, O Lord:
“If You will save this creature
He’ll keep Your every word.
I’ll rise before the dawning
To seek Your face and pray
Then set apart my lowly heart
To read Your word each day!”

Each night when I am sleeping
My slumber is disturbed
And so I lie there tracing
The themes within Your word.
According to Your kindness
Revive and answer me;
Let holy justice from Your throne
Restore true liberty!

Behold, Lord, those who follow
Corruption and ignore
The solemn voice of conscience –
Your universal Law;
That Law will stand forever
So we should never fear,
For by its witness every day
We know that You are near!

Steve Layfield

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