Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – RESH: See, Lord, the affliction


See, Lord, the affliction
Of my soul’s condition
‘Midst the sound of strife;
May Your loving kindness
And the cause of justice
Sanctify my life!
I will not forget Your Law
As I humbly walk before
This people full of blindness.

Tender is the mercy
You confer upon me
Freely every day;
Though this world is broken,
Everything You’ve spoken
Guides me on my way!
Traitors all around I see
Who declare they never shall be
Under Your dominion.

Lord, behold the passion
In me to commission
Everywhere Your Law;
In Your loving kindness
Reawaken goodness –
Blessedness restore!
Holy Scripture through and through
We must recognise as true if
We are faithful children.

Steve Layfield

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