Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – SAMEK: The double minded I abhor


The double minded I abhor
For they are insincere;
My friends are they who love Your Law
And trust, with holy fear,
The One who is their hiding place
While hoping in His word;
From keeping all of His commands
They’ll never be deterred!

According to Your gracious word
Sustain me though this strife;
Don’t let me be ashamed
To live a holy life.
Give grace that resolutely I
Hold fast to Your decree;
Uphold me in my pilgrimage,
Draw near and rescue me!

We all Your statutes comprehend
Yet most men turn away;
Deceit and falsehood masquerade
In every word they say.
But soon the wicked of the earth
Will trouble us no more;
As gold from dross is purified
We all shall love Your Law!

Steve Layfield

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