Psalter manuscript

Psalm 123: Unto You, Lord, I lift up longing eyes


Unto You, Lord, I lift up longing eyes,
You who preside over heavenly skies;
‘Grant us Your mercy today,
Teach and reveal to us Your way.’

Just as the maid by her mistress’s side
Waits upon all that her mistress decides,
So, Lord, we listen to You;
Teach us what we for You must do.

Hear the disdainful, at ease in their stride,
Laugh with contempt in the strength of their pride;
See how we’re doomed and forlorn,
Silenced and filled up with their scorn!

Hear our request for deliverance, O Lord,
Recall the pledge of Your covenant word;
Send us Your mercy and grace;
Save us from sorrow and disgrace.

Steve Layfield

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