Psalter manuscript

Psalm 132: Lord, remember David


Lord, remember David, Jesse’s youngest son,
His afflictions and the hardships he endured;
How he swore to Jacob’s God, the Mighty One,
He would find a sacred dwelling for the Lord.

Later when Your faithful saints in Ephrathah,
With an anxious heart to worship in that place,
Heard and sought it in the fields beyond Jaar,
They beseeched the Lord for priests of righteousness.

So the Lord to David solemnly declared
‘I will set upon your throne your progeny,
Who unless to sin they turn and are ensnared
Will established be throughout eternity.’

From the holy courts of Zion God will bless
His provision to the poor throughout the land,
Her domain shall be God’s dwelling and His rest
Where His saints perform with joy what He commands.

There the strength and might of David’s horn shall grow;
The Anointed of the Lord will there shine forth;
All His enemies will melt away like snow
And the reign of Christ shall flourish in the earth.

Steve Layfield

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