Psalter manuscript

Psalm 138: To You I bring my heart


To You I bring my heart and sing
This song of thankful praise;
I humbly bow before You now
And shall do all my days.
The book of holy Scripture
Above Your Name You raise;
It to Your saints Your faithfulness
And steadfast love conveys.

The kings of every tribe will sing
Of all Your holiness,
They each for You will seek to do
Great works of righteousness.
The meek shall be exalted
And happy all their days,
For they with me will comprehend
The greatness of Your ways.

Keep me alive, my soul revive
For trouble’s all around;
Stretch out Your hand and make me stand
Secure on solid ground.
Fulfil  Your noble purpose
Of joyful liberty
By saving and delivering me
From all my enemies.

Steve Layfield

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