Psalter manuscript

Psalm 139: O Lord, You know me completely


O Lord, You know me completely,
When I stand and when I sit down;
My thoughts You understand clearly,
Every heartbeat, each fear, every frown;
You’re acquainted with all my ways,
Though silent You hear every word I pray
I’m cornered; upon me Your hand is laid –
What can I say?

Where can I flee from Your presence?
Since Your Spirit infuses the air;
If I journey to heaven
Your infinite glory is there!
If under Hell’s flames I flee
Or ride upon morning wings over sea,
The comforting touch of Your hand shall be
A guide for me.

If the light about me is darkness
For You it is bright as the day;
Your infinite wisdom and kindness
You to creatures fair minded display.
While silent within the womb
My inward, invisible parts You formed;
Each day of my life before I was born
Was fully known!

Such thoughts to me are most precious
But many too many to count;
Slay, Lord, (the) wicked and godless
Who daily Your good Name affront.
My loathing is completely
For those I perceive to be enemies;
Come sanctify, search me and shepherd me

Steve Layfield

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