Psalter manuscript

Ephesians 6:10-18 > The Battle


Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might;
Buckle your armour and buckle it tight,
For we stand before foes who would put us to flight
‘Midst a battle invisibly raging;
And though Satan be wily in the webs that he’d spin
Yet the Christ, He is advancing!

We fight as brave soldiers of almighty God
Aware we aren’t wrestling mere flesh and blood,
But unholy demons in heavens above
Where a host of dark powers are ruling;
Though the days now are evil and these bones full of sin
Yet the Christ, He is advancing!

So put on your armour, rise up and withstand
With the sword of God’s Spirit clenched firm in your hand;
Stand ready to wield it at Jesus’ command
For there’s no telling whose listening;
Let’s sound forth the gospel and never give in
For the Christ, He is advancing!

Gird your loins with the truth and, with helmet on head,
Wear the breastplate of righteousness spurning your dread;
Take the strong shield of faith – to quench and stop dead
All the fiery darts that they’re firing;
Though the battle is fierce, it’s most certain we’ll win
For the Christ, He is advancing!

Steve Layfield – April 2007

Tune for this is ‘The Times are a changing’ by Bob Dylan.

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