Psalter manuscript

Ode to Cornelius Van Til (Ecclesiastes 12)


Em                                               Am
You speak about justice and you speak of fair play
D                                        Em
You talk of the need to be faithful and true
Em                                            Am
But with no God in heaven the words that you say
D                                            Em
Are meaningless chatter – pure hullaballoo

G     Bm         C
Creature, O creature
D                                           Em
Remember your Maker in the days of your youth
G       Bm       C
Creature, O creature
D                                     Em
One day all flesh will acknowledge His truth

You think that you’re decent and generally kind
You point with your finger when others are bad
But then you deny that the goodness you find
Is grounded upon the good nature of God

You live by the rules and you search for the source
You see that there’s meaning in each circumstance
You walk tall with purpose as you follow your course
Despite all you say about chaos & chance.

You think that the Sun and the stars our great lamps
Condensed from a cloud of exploding debris
Moreover that mankind climbed out of the swamps
Then descended through aeons from fish in the sea

You say that the rules that we make must be free
Yet you talk about goodness and wickedness too
No you can’t keep your principles consistently
For you’re angry when others are unkind to you

You marshall your reasons for the things you believe
You’re quick to infer what is logically true
But laws aren’t a part of the world you conceive
Instead they belong to the Bible worldview

You say that your worldview is founded on facts
That speak for themselves in an objective way
You talk like an expert about Science and Maths
You know for a fact, ‘cos you heard someone say!

You think if it’s real it must matter contain
Immaterial entities you say don’t exist
But what is the essence of the thoughts you disdain
And are you, your impulses, free to resist?

Steve Layfield

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