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Church & Culture

Central to authentic, biblical Christianity is the conviction that Christ is redeeming the culture.  When we pray, ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ AND ‘deliver us from evil’, we are beseeching God to clean up our culture.  Jonathan Edwards resolved to live in such a way as to benefit ‘mankind in general’ – not merely the Church.  Likewise, the Scottish Reformer John Knox prayed, ‘God give me Scotland!’  Notice he was not content to merely establish a few churches here and there, but rather he wanted the public life of government and politics to be under the orbit of God’s laws & His commandments.  He wanted true justice and equity to transform the whole land.  Similarly, Oliver Cromwell sought to establish a Christian parliament and summoned godly ministers to draft statute laws for the commonwealth of puritan England.  Alas, the Christian Church today has all but lost sight of its mandate to be salt and light within the nation.  How encouraging therefore to hear Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church speaking out about this gnostic heresy which has bewitched contemporary evangelicalism….

Mark Driscoll on ‘Culture’